Veredus Pro Jump Boots

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Veredus Pro Jump Boots - known also as Veredus pinch boots, these Italian designed protection boots for horses and ponies are lined with 6mm of neoprene, which provides internal padding and protection against knocks and brushes and assists with maximising the horses jumping.

The anatomical "active" shape of the boot is specifically designed to humanely encourage the use of the hind legs effectively when in the air, these boots are not for every day use as the horse or pony will become desensitised to them.

This amazing effect is produced by the unique shape of the boot which has been proven by top professional riders to improve the horses movement over fences.

The neoprene liner does not retain any water so the boots still function correctly even when wet ensuring weight is kept at a minimum, maximising jumping potential.

For ease of use these are also easily hand washable at 30 degrees.

Not only are these boots super functional and practical - they look great too and are available in black or brown.

Please view our video below for more information on these superb boots.

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