Sprenger Sensogan KK Ultra 14mm

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Sprenger KK Ultra

The KK Ultra is a double jointed loose ring bit, the middle lozenge known as the 'bean' sits at a 45 degree angle sitting on the middle of the horses tongue resulting in an even and constant contact in order to achieve clear and concise instructions to the horse.

The anatomically shaped mouth is very comfortable in the horses mouth and the rider can give softer aids to support the harmonious relationship and enhance suppleness.

The KK Ultra is made from Aurigan, the first metal specifically developed for making bits to use in the horses mouth. The composition of copper silicon and zinc provide very strong oxidation and therefor actively encourage salivation.

Variations available are 

Qualities - 78 - Sensogan (stainless rings), 88 - Aurigan (stainless rings)

The ring size is 70mm on this bit.