Sportz Vibe ZX Horse Rug


Sportz Vibe ZX Horse Rug - this superb wireless horse massage rug ensures your horses muscles recover and relax at speed and gives the horse a calming massage whilst not working.

A single remote control unit can wirelessly control the integrated four treatment panels, with the option to purchase more panels if needed.

This rug treats up to 6 locations on the horse, the access panels are located on the outside of the rug for ease of use and position change.

There are 13 different location for the panels to be fitted including the neck, hind end, back and shoulders.

You have the option via the remote to control the three different speed settings, gentle, moderate or a combination of the two.

The rug itself is light weight and super comfortable and breathable too and the rug size is changeable too.

Please view out demo video for a full in depth understanding on how this can really benefit your horses..


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