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Shires Moretta Teo Long Boots


Shires Moretta Teo Long Boots - are you looking for a superb pair of boots that can take you from the stables to the high street and the country to walking your dog? If you are then simply look no further than these fantastic Teo Long boots.

Being waterproof you no longer need to worry about the changing climate and keeping your feet dry during the wetter weather will be so much easier.

The breathable fabric lining helps keep your feet warm but comfortable whether you are in the saddle or on the ground.

Yes you can even ride in these making them a truly versatile product for the discerning purchaser.

Lets discuss grip, the soles of these boots feature a sturdy rubber grip system helping you in mud and over more challenging ground whilst they have been designed to be stirrup safe for when you are riding your horse or pony.

These boots are also great for festival wear and with the tie tops and stitching detailing to the sides of these boots, you can be rest assured of a stylish yet practical pair of boots that make a great present too.

These boots come in a standard calf size but also don't forget to check out the Shires Charlbury Wide Boots version too.

We have included a handy size guide below to help you with the calf, ankle and height measurements so that you can size these correctly prior to purchase.åÊ

Size Chart and Guide in CM

Standard Leg

Size                        Calf         Height       Ankle

3                              38             38               28

4                              39             38.5            29

5                              40             39               30

6                              41             39.5            31

7                              42             40               32

8                              43             40.5            33

9                              44             41               34

10                            45             41.5            35

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