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Science Supplements Pro Kalm  - are you looking to ensure your horses anxiety levels are kept to a minimum?  If so then this product is just what you and your horse needs.

Anxiety in horses can damage their performance potential and make them difficult to handle. Stress can lead to a lack of concentration as well as other detrimental behaviours such as spooking easily, bolting, crib-biting, box-walking and more, as well as increasing the likelihood of infections, gastric ulceration and loss of condition.

ProKalm Syringes are an innovation in the treatment of anxiety, containing four key ingredients to help ease nervousness. The calming effect can be seen within half an hour of consumption. A typical dosage can ease the stress of a horse for up to eight hours; use a low intake to take the edge off a stressed horse, a moderate intake to calm your horse during demanding situations, and a high intake to treat a horse that is unruly and difficult to handle.


ProKalm Syringes are a stress management aid for horses and can help a horse perform at its full potential. This fast working supplement is an innovative mix of herbal extracts and amino acids; it doesn’t sedate the horse or affect its gait or performance, and it doesn’t include valerian, tryptophan or magnesium.


As any horse trainer knows, every horse is an individual with a unique temperament. A stressed horse can develop certain behaviours that if left untreated can lead to infections, illnesses, poor recovery and poor performance. The ProKalm Syringe is a gentle method of reducing anxiety to give you better control and give your horse better concentration and relaxation.


One of the key benefits of ProKalm is that it can be fed during isolated situations or it can be incorporated into your horses daily feed. Many horse owners/trainers use the ProKalm Syringe to treat: aggressive behaviour, anxiety, braking stress, bolting, box walking, covering, dentistry stress, anxiety when being introduced to a new herd, clipping, transportation stress, wind sucking and more. Whenever your horse is in a situation that causes it discomfort, ProKalm can help.


ProKalm works best when it is given on a regular basis. The effects can take hold within half an hour but it is best to allow 1-2 hours for them to reach their potential. The dosage depends on the desired effect; some horses will require a higher dose than others in order to relax.


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