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Rambo Micklem Diamante Competition Bridle


Rambo Micklem Diamante Competition Bridle - this superb bridle is competition legal  and FEI approved.

Key features of the Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle are:

  • Soft padding on cheeks, noseband, browband and headpiece.
  • Tongue protection clips
  • Aprroved for British Showjumping, British Dressage and British Eventing Competitions
  • Stunning Diamante browband


The Rambo Micklem Diamante Competition Bridle is a competition legal bridle that follows on from the success of the Micklem Multi- bridle.  You can compete in British Dressage, British Eventing or British Show Jumping Competitions in the 

The Rambo® Micklem Diamante Competition bridle has been designed following a lot of in depth research and studying.  William Micklem has closely observed the shape of the horses skull and designed the bridle based on his findings.  William felt that to many bridles were designed on the appearance of the horses head on the outside.

From his finding he then created the Micklem Bridle which follows the contours of the horses skull.  Then most importantly avoids pressure on the sensitive areas of your horses face.  Such as the facial nerves, the projecting cheek bones or the upper jaw molar teeth.

After a lot of research William Micklem believed that so many problems in horses were caused by unneccessary pressure and discomfort.

When you horse is comfortable he will be happier and more obliging.

Made from 5/8" high quality leather. The head piece, browband and noseband are softly padded for horse comfort and for a finished look. In addition, the D-ring has been removed from the noseband for a cleaner, show-ring-look.

The stunning Diamante browband has been added for a smart and glamorous look.

No reins are  included

Below is a video regarding this product.

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