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Rambo Duo


Horseware Rambo Duo - are you looking for a rug for all seasons, all eventualities and something simple and easy to rug up with?  If so them this simple yet technical rug  combines a 100gm Outer Rug and 300gm Under Blanket to provide a lightly insulated rug for those slightly chilly days and a Heavy Weight Turnout of 400gm for the colder days of deep winter. 

The Under Rug attaches and detaches from the Outer Waterproof Layer easily and can literally be pulled from the horses rear without having to take the outer rug off, how easy is that?

It is made entirely of Nylon and has the advantage of being extremely breathable allowing the AquaTransTM coating on the Outer Rug to work as efficiently as it was intended, allowing up to 9 litres of moisture to escape daily.

The nylon is antibacterial, quick drying and polishes the horses' coat. The Under Rug can also be used on its own in the stable where its short design fits well under any rug.

The Outer rug has a removable 100gm neck cover which is included with the turnout rug.

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