Omega Equine - Omega Muscle - 1.98Kg

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Omega Equine - Omega Muscle

Omega Muscle is a supplement designed to support muscle health, development and recovery following exertion.

The nutrients found in this supplement have been specifically chosen for their muscle supporting properties. These include:

  • Lysine- considered the most important limiting amino acid when it comes to supporting healthy muscle growth. Omega Muscle contains eight-times more Lysine than NAF’s M Power, and ten-times more than leading muscle product Equitop Myoplast
  • Leucine- an essential amino acid that cannot be synthesised and needs to be obtained from diet. Leucine is said to aid muscle recovery, supporting sore muscles following vigorous exercise. Omega Muscle contains almost double the amount of Leucine compared to Equitop Myoplast
  • Vitamin E– a powerful antioxidant which maintains cell health by deterring free radicals
  • Methionine – Another essential amino acid which supports hooves, skin and coat, along with maintaining a healthy immune system and carbohydrate metabolism.

These key nutrients are supported by a combination of linseed meal, rice bran, whey protein concentrate and rice bran oil, all of which contain a spectrum of nutrients useful for healthy muscles. Energy dense and palatable, Omega Muscle is a supplement which has horses feeling strong, fit and ready for action.


Crude protein 32.00%
Crude fibre
Crude oils and fats 12.0% 
Crude ash 8.0%
Sodium 0.30%

Rice bran
Whey Protein concentrate
Linseed Meal
Rice bran oil

Additives: (Per kg)
Vitamin E (RRR Alpha-tocopherol) 1500mg

Amino Acids:
L-Lysine 120,000mg
L_Leucine 40,000mg
DL-Methionine 22,500mg

1.198kg will last approx 30days when fed at 6 scoops per day.