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Eskadron Control Headcollar

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Eskadron Control Headcollar

An essential tack room item when working with young, highly strung or inexperienced horses. This headcollar can be used in a variety of situations.
        - As a normal headcollar with the rope attached to the ring at the back of the              headcollar.

- With Influence, The rope is attached to the chain ring in such a way that no pulling force is exerted on the chain.

- With Strong Influence, The rope is attached  to the chain ring in such a way that pressure is exerted on the chain when pulled. (This pressure is release when the pressure is reduced)

With the Headcollar Control you improve the influence on your horse and increase your own safety. This avoids any necessity for the tricky attaching and removing of the lead chain. 
Only available in Navy.
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