Dublin River Boot III - Black

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Dublin River Boots - If you are looking for a fantastic pair of yard, country, riding or walking boots then the Dublin River Boots are certainly for you.

We all know the British weather can be unpredictable but with these fully waterproof boots you just know your feet are going to be kept warm, dry and mud free.

These fantastic river boots are amazingly robust and thanks to the Waterproof membrane which is sealed at the seams for 100% protection against the elements, taking a walk in wet weather, being at the stables in the rain and walking around muddy yards with wet feet will be a thing of the past.

These boots don't just keep your feet dry; they also have a microporous membrane to ensure breathability.

Being around horses or walking the dog isn't a five-minute job so comfort is key here and these Dublin River Boots don't disappoint. They have arch supports, double padded heel cushioning and a cupped heel, all to ensure comfort whilst out and about. To ensure stability these boots feature a steel arch foundation and have a robust tough tech sole for stability and traction controlled grip.

We have included a size chart below to assist you in choosing the correct sized boot for you, as these boots are available in three width fittings.


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