Dainese Alter Real Waistcoat

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Dainese Alter Real  Waistcoat - the ultimate in discrete protection, this thin back protector is a vest that offers optimum levels of protection to your back and is a slim design so easily fits under a show jacket almost undetected, making it perfect for competing.

The protective features cover the back to ensure optimum safety levels are met. The front elasticated vest zip fastening allows ease of movement and a comfortable amount of stretch to ensure comfort over a variety of layers that could be worn underneath.

This is an innovative design distinguished by a hexagon construction at the back that guarantees the highest efficiency in terms of coverage and mobility.

The hexagon composition in composite figures gives a honeycomb look permitting the design to allow freedom of movement where required but not compromise on safety levels.

Featuring an outer breathable and ladder proof fabric with a honeycomb texture, finished off with a comfortable elastic system that allows the vest to sit close against the body to ensure guaranteed positioning in all disciplines of use.