De Niro Salentino 01 Boots - Lucidi Moka 40 MC M

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De Niro Salentino 01 Boots - Lucidi Moka

This pair of boots are size 40 (UK6/6.5) MC (45.5cmH) M (36.3cmC). Quick brown boot, lucidi moka top, moka patent piping, cream stitching, no detailing.

The Salentino Boots are a fabulous soft black caprice calf skin leather, the softness of the leather ensures a neat elegant fit with no requirement to break the boots in, simply put them on and off you go. This model does NOT have laces.

This pair of boots does not have any addition extras but you can order your personalised boots by contacting us. Please note image is a stock image of the colour and not of the exact boots available.

De Niro Boots are a well renowned brand across the various equestrian disciplines proving hugely popular to every market, from the entry level fashionable leather riding boot right up to the premium bespoke model. If you are looking for something specific please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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Stock Due To Arrive Early December

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