Barrier H Super Plus Fly Repellent

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Barrier H Super Plus Fly Repellent Gel

Super Plus Fly Repellent gel is 100% Natural with no nasty chemicals yet strongly enough formulated to repel those nasty biting horse flies

Fully HSE Approved - Licence No. 8725 & 8726: Full HSE Approval - Licence No 8725 & 8726.

Contents: A blend of concentrated herbal oils, volatile essential oils and pure avocado oil. Fly repellents can have a drying effect, which is why we include pure and concentrated Avocado Oil, the very best quality skin and coat conditioner for equine use. In the warmer weather the skin tends to become flaky and the hair dry and coarse. High in Vitamins A, D and E it deep conditions hair and nourishes the skin.

Directions for use : Always shake well. Use as and when required. Can be applied directly to raw and exposed areas and to help stop the need to rub. Apply liberally avoiding eyes and nasal passages.  
Gel: Very useful for those more awkward areas such as the head, belly, sheath and udder. Please note that gels can attract the sunlight and cause burning if not applied sparingly.

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