Pony Club Camp Checklist

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School Is Out

This can only mean one thing - Pony Club Camp is nearly upon us. 

Getting ready for camp can be a little bit daunting so we have compiled a blog to help you get ready and to help you have the best time possible with your pony and your friends.

So What do you need to take?

Firstly For Your Pony

A Head Collar and Lead Rope that is in good condition. You will need your normal Bridle with Reins, Martingale/Breastplate if you usually use one along with your normal Bit (It is a good idea to take a slightly stronger bit for Cross Country if your pony gets a bit strong). Take your Saddle, Girth,Stirrup Irons and Leathers, take more than one Saddle Cloth so you have a spare if one gets wet. Check that all stitching is in good condition on all of your tack and don't forget your tack cleaning equipment too! Pack all your ponies leg boots for SJ and XC and if you use studs don't forget these too. You will also need to take any rugs that your pony will need to wear, including a cooler for after exercise and a stable rug for cooler evenings

For your Stable

You will need a full grooming kit with all your Brushes, Combs, Hoof Pick, Sponges, Sweat Scraper Hoof Treatments, and Plaiting Kit and don't forget plenty of Fly Repellent. It is a good idea to have a few basic first aid items too.

Water Buckets (at least 2), Feed Bowls and Haynets are essential marked with your horses name. All Feed and Supplements will be necessary, probably a good idea to write on the tubs the amount to be fed, and don't forget the scoops you need. You will also need mucking out tools and a wheelbarrow if your pony is going to be stabled.

For You

Jodphurs/Breeches, at least three pairs and a clean pair of beige or white for competition day. You will need your Show Jacket for competition day with your pony club badge and felt, Jackets are to be worn with a shirt and your pony club tie. For Instruction days you can wear a long sleeve shirt, Pony Club sweatshirt or XC Colours but each branch has different rules regarding riding in polo shirts so please make sure you check if unsure. You must have your body protector with medical armband for XC and also you hat must not have a fixed peak. All Hats must be tagged. You will need a hair net and hair ties if you have long hair, gloves, whip. Long Boots or Short Boots with chaps/gaiters are required for riding and a pair of yard boots for stable management. 

If you are staying over/Camping

You will need to take several changes of clothes depending on the weather, plenty of socks, underwear, jeans, tops, Night clothes, a swimming costume. You will need towels and washing stuff including shampoos and shower gel. Don't forget your toothbrush and toothpaste!

You will need a sleeping bag/duvet and pillows. It can be cold at night even in the summer especially if you are sleeping in a tent so make sure you have plenty to keep you warm. An airbed (and pump) will give you a bit of extra comfort! And make sure you have a torch with batteries that work!

Make sure that you remember to put your name on EVERYTHING so it can be returned to you if it gets lost.

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